“Hunger is a good cook.”

Tonight, bored out of my mind, I started browsing through ideas for and pictures of tattoos. Honestly, that isn’t unusual. I want a couple more small ones, but I just haven’t found an idea that has stuck with me. This time, though, I searched for food phrases and food sayings in various languages and found something that struck a chord.

“Hunger is a good cook.”

As far as a source goes, all I could find was that it is proverb, but it did come up in a book of Gaelic sayings. But I digress.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love food. Love it. It’s so natural for me to feel this way that I can’t imagine what I’d do if anything ever happened that would inhibit my ability to cook. At that, it only makes sense for me to have a tattoo somehow relating to food. I don’t want those ugly cheesy ones of actual food and anything else I’ve thought of now sounds horrible. Even though this may very well change later, I’m thinking that this quote would make an excellent little tattoo. There’s just something about this proverb. I feel like I did when I came up with the idea of my first tattoo, which gives me a little burst of excitement.

Hunger is not only a good cook, hunger is the best cook. Sometimes, I’ll think all day about what I’ll cook for lunch and dinner, and when I go to actually cook, they’ll be some of the best meals I’ve ever created. On the other side, when I’m not really caring about cooking (like this past few weeks… the end of the semester), my meals will be boring, not creative and rather monotonous. This quote just really summarizes cooking for me.

This post is probably just a lot of rambling, but is does have a focus of food… with the tattoo subject in there, too. This just proves (and reinforces my belief) that food is everywhere. It’s the common denominator.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

-James Beard

UPDATE: When I googled “Hunger is a good cook” right after I wrote this, I couldn’t get many results to come up like I did before. Then I tried “Hunger is the best cook.” MANY more results, but I still like the first one. Both are good. Just wanted to clarify.


~ by jenniferlynnewilliams on December 6, 2010.

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