Just some gawking.

Today, I’m in the library studying… so obviously I’ve been on Facebook. One of my friends posted a link to my wall: foodgawker. Here’s to you, Jenny James. This site is amazing.

Food bloggers from everywhere can come here and post photos of their food and the recipes to go along with them. They want you to come “feast your eyes,” and that’s precisely what I did.

It’s like when I watch Food Network or Cooking Channel and get my ideas. Whenever something looks interesting, new or just delicious, those techniques and ingredients are filed away to some part of my brain for later use. I bring them up later, and make something fantastic. Foodgawker’s like an e-cookbook, kind of. Just seeing the photos gets my creative juices flowing (especially since it’s officially autumn) and increases my need to create new, cold-weather dishes.

Most of the photos on the site are very “fall” which makes me really want to start using more pumpkin, butternut squash and the like. I see Patty Pan squash everytime I go to Bi-Lo, and I want to buy it, but always forget to look up what to do with it. Maybe after fall break I’ll have some new ideas.

I haven’t forgotten about posting recipes with the items I bought from the natural food store, I just haven’t had any brilliant ideas… or a lot of time to think of said brilliant ideas. I can say that the almond butter is fantastic on toast, and the clarified butter is SO GOOD to cook with. Whatever you’d use regular butter for, switch it out. Delish.

Well, I do have two exams on Monday, so I should probably get back to studying. Bleh.

Straying from food a bit… check out this band. Donora.
“I Think I Like You”

“I like, I like it when we’re quiet with one another… what’s the matter with them?”

What did you think?


~ by jenniferlynnewilliams on October 9, 2010.

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