“Guess who’s coming to dinner?”

Just like on Julie & Julia, I get to play my own game of “guess who’s coming to dinner.” So exciting!

While they aren’t famous… they made me feel great about my cooking. Jessilyn Justice, Shashank Shrestha and Lauren Carroll. They’re legit. Shashank and Lauren had to take photos of food for a project, and from this blog, they thought I would be a good candidate. Jessilyn was just along for the ride. :)

I made three different full dishes and a side of brussel sprouts, just to let them taste how I make them. Pictures and recipes are to come as soon as I get the photos from Shashank!

Their reactions made my life better. At first, I just thought they were saying everything because they thought they should… but I was assured that they were most certainly being genuine.

I absolutely love cooking for people; nothing makes me happier… except when those people are speechless about what they’ve just eaten. This was the case tonight, and I was in utter bliss.
I didn’t even mind the clean-up.

So now, the kitchen is spotless (for the most part), we all have full stomachs, I’m content with my cooking style and am reassured that I actually know what I’m doing.

This week has been super busy and emotional… but this night made everything worth it again.


~ by jenniferlynnewilliams on September 29, 2010.

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