“Food” and “stuff.”

My thinking time wasn’t too long, thankfully. Deciding on a title is not exactly something I want to spend a large amount of time on, so I went on thesaurus.com and went at it.

The decision? Cuisine, Cookery and Various Foodstuffs.

I have to say that I just really like these words. A lot.

Cuisine sounds so much better than simply saying “food.” It’s just a fact. Let’s face it.
Cookery makes me think of Julie & Julia for some reason, which in turn makes me think of delicious food and butter, and that’s a very pleasant thought.
Foodstuffs is the probably my favorite word to describe what we eat. I love that “food” and “stuff” came together to make this fantastic word. It sounds fake… like it isn’t real, BUT I love it.

These words don’t have any specific rhyme or reason other than their relation to food and that they don’t make a cheesy title.

So there. I have a new title. This blog is now a food blog. Success.


~ by jenniferlynnewilliams on September 22, 2010.

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