Such a foodie.

“Love fresh ingredients. Embrace them and laugh at yourself when you mess up. Learning from your mess-ups is definitely the best way to get really good at cooking.”
-Dave Lieberman

Today started out pretty much like every other MWF. Get up, get ready, go to classes, come back and lay some protein out for dinner that night. Salmon was the chosen one. (Sometimes I really don’t even feel like a normal college student. Like today.)

Fast forward through the thawing process.

Marination! Olive oil, salt, pepper, McCormick Salt-Free Savory All-Purpose Seasoning, basil, cayenne. Pretty typical for me. I left it alone and went to my last class… that’s when this whole idea began.

For some reason, one episode from Top Chef was running through my head — the one where the contestants had to, among other tasks, replicate a potato-encrusted fish dish (hehe… fish dish). Anyway, I recently purchased some Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes and have been experimenting with them; I decided to attempt to crust one side of my salmon with these thinly-sliced potatoes.

I ran through the process in my mind, and even though I don’t have a mandolin, I was determined to try. I could barely concentrate in Public Speaking because I just couldn’t wait to get back to my apartment and get started.

Getting the potatoes to stick was the one problem I thought I would have. Egg would solve it, but the fish had been marinating for a while, and I really didn’t want to wash the marinade off with the egg. Against my better judgment, I decided to rely solely on the oil from the marinade and pray it worked.

I have to say, the process was fairly easy, but the whole getting-the-potato-side-down-in-the-oil-without-letting-them-fall-off thing caused some anxiety. The slices were a bit thicker than I would have liked, but it was the best I could pull off. I get the potatoes on the fish — sweet, they’re staying. The oil in the pan is perfectly heated. Time to dive in, boys.

This was so stressful, honestly. The potatoes weren’t paper-thin, so I had to hold them on while I got it into the pan. As soon as I was at the stove, fish in hand, all the oil had migrated to one side. Blast! I had to put the fish back down, spread out the oil and quickly make my way back. As I put the fish in, the potatoes almost start to fall off, but I grab them. Down in the oil… now it’s just a matter of waiting and hoping.

Quick side note. Obviously, while that’s going, I need some sort of veg. Broccolini’s is the fridge. Slice it up, salt and pepper, olive oil — we’re good to go. Delish.

Back to the fish! I flip it over… it’s do or die.
“…SUCCESS!” *throws hands in the air*
It is as perfect as I could have hoped.
Perfectly golden brown.
Perfectly stuck together.
Perfectly perfect.
Redundant, I know. Don’t judge.

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Phew. Oh, happy day. It worked, thankfully, and it tasted wonderful. Tell me, what other college student who isn’t in culinary school (jealousy…) thinks about doing this? Exactly. Not a one. If you’re out there, though, I’d like to meet you.

Honestly, I was really proud, so I made my roommate take photos of it for this blog.
Thanks, Ashley Johnson!


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